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Copper Canyon Travel: A True Adventure

Copper Canyon - El Divisadero

Copper Canyon Mystique

Copper Canyon was a phrase I first heard upon first arriving in Ciudad Juarez in July, 2000.  I had been hearing about this railway adventure ever since.  Descriptions of this Mexico travel experience invariably include phrases such as "greatest railway adventure in the western amazing engineering feat...breathtaking scenery... larger than the Grand experience you will never forget...a region inhabited by mysterious and reclusive Tarahumara tribe." 

This article covers the Copper Canyon train ride as available in December, 2003, but since this site mainly only focuses on photos of the train ride and personal recollections of the trip most everything that you see here should still be useful.

Copper Canyon Travel Expenses

So it was in December of 2003 that I finally took the Copper Canyon train ride (the Chihuahua al Pacifico), and on a very limited budget due to a long string of personal expenses leading up to the Christmas season.  As you can see on the expenses page, if you don't require luxury, the Copper Canyon trip can be made from Ciudad Juarez on a very affordable basis. I spent only $400.

Copper Canyon Train

I wanted to review both classes of service on the Copper Canyon train, so I took the economy class train (resulting in 21 pages for this article with 2 pictures on almost every page) from Ciudad Chihuahua to Los Mochis, then took the first class train (another 25 pages of photos) back to Ciudad Chihuahua. 

My trip did not include side-trips into Batopilas, Cerocahui, Creel, Divisadero, or the Urique canyon, most of which are embarkation points for visits to villages and cave dwellings of the Tarahumara Indians, great hiking adventures, and views even more breathtaking that those which can be enjoyed from the train, but you should enjoy the photos of the Copper Canyon train ride alone.

Copper Canyon Travel Photos

Before delving into the pages about the train ride itself, you might enjoy an overview of the Copper Canyon area and some information about the history of this remarkable railroad.  Once you've ridden it, you will understand why it took a 100 years to build.  You may view the Copper Canyon photo galleries.  Finally, I welcome Copper Canyon photos and travel articles from others who have made the Copper Canyon trip and will be glad to publish them for you.

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